The Quick Critic: Hooked on a Feeling

Marvel really upped the ante this year with Captain America 2… then, they give us Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure the trailers looked funny and had a good soundtrack, but I think most folks just expected a comedy to be honest (i know i did).

This movie was amazing. They took a relatively unknown property and have turned it into pure awesome genius! Yes, it was part comedy (i laughed to tears in one part).  But there was also emotional depth and epic storyline. I am not sure I’ve seen a movie with so many different feelings blended together this well before.

All I can say is to go see this… and then go see it again next weekend and the next.    I actually will be seeing it again tomorrow with a buddy.

No spoilers here for this movie, but it’s loaded with just about everything you could want in a space epic.  It really is a modern day Star Wars, but in a more funny “dick joke” kind of way.   You know that the cast was having a ball when making this movie… it comes through on camera.  They weren’t just reading the lines, they were the characters, even Bautista (who has proven in the WWE that he’s pretty one dimensional on the mic).  They all come through.

I’m not sure Marvels next new property (Ant-Man July 2015) can really live up to this year’s slate of movies (not to mention the fact that Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 2015), but hopefully that won’t slow down the Marvel juggernaut that is this film division!