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The Quick Critic: Wonder Woman

Now that I’ve had time to collect my thoughts about the movie, I’d like to share my OPINION on the new Wonder Woman movie – without Spoilers

TLDR – Go see the movie, but be careful taking younger kids (see last paragraph).


I went into this movie knowing that there were a lot of positive reviews and that a lot of friends loved the movie. I also went in with the memory of sooooooooo many horrible DC movies over the last 10 years. This was by far the BEST DC film and rather true to the character in over 20 years.

I really liked the first two acts of the movie. It was a solid origin story (though they screwed with WW and Greek history which is a no no in my book) but I let that slide, because it was truly a good story. Once Diana leaves for the world (act 2), the experiences and love of all that she shows truly stands out and Gal’s acting was right on point! This was my favorite part of the movie bar none.

Unfortunately, act 3 really let me down. With that said, i still liked the movie, and think it is a good movie overall, but act 3 really stops it from being a great movie.

This really felt to me like Snyder stepped in and said… oh wait a second, there has been way to much daylight in this film and not enough crappy cgi. so, on to a nighttime fight with a cgi villain like all the other horrific DC movies of past. This alone really irked me.

On top of that, the way they did the end villain, well, it was quite a bit of a let down. The Comics and Cartoons have portrayed this villain countless times, and he’s always felt scary – something that you were afraid of being able to actually win…. not so much here. In this movie its like they started off with a good and cerebral idea of the villain to get in your head… then… shit. This really hurt the movie in my opinion.

Again I enjoyed the movie overall and I’d recommend it to folks. I would not recommend it for children under 13, as there was quite a bit of death (it was WW1) as well as a gratuitous frontal shot of Chris Pine naked (covering his junk with his hands). But hey, I’m not their parent, you are, so if you are ok with your kids seeing all that, go for it. No particular bad language, just violence and implied male nudity.

Director: Patty Jenkins
Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot
Queen Hippolyta: Connie Neilsen
General Antiope: Robin Wright
Steve Trevor: Chris Pine


The Quick Critic: Hooked on a Feeling

Marvel really upped the ante this year with Captain America 2… then, they give us Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure the trailers looked funny and had a good soundtrack, but I think most folks just expected a comedy to be honest (i know i did).

This movie was amazing. They took a relatively unknown property and have turned it into pure awesome genius! Yes, it was part comedy (i laughed to tears in one part).  But there was also emotional depth and epic storyline. I am not sure I’ve seen a movie with so many different feelings blended together this well before.

All I can say is to go see this… and then go see it again next weekend and the next.    I actually will be seeing it again tomorrow with a buddy.

No spoilers here for this movie, but it’s loaded with just about everything you could want in a space epic.  It really is a modern day Star Wars, but in a more funny “dick joke” kind of way.   You know that the cast was having a ball when making this movie… it comes through on camera.  They weren’t just reading the lines, they were the characters, even Bautista (who has proven in the WWE that he’s pretty one dimensional on the mic).  They all come through.

I’m not sure Marvels next new property (Ant-Man July 2015) can really live up to this year’s slate of movies (not to mention the fact that Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 2015), but hopefully that won’t slow down the Marvel juggernaut that is this film division!


The Quick Critic: Not Your Momma’s Sleeping Beauty

MaleficentOne thing is for sure. No matter what you might think of the story, there is no doubt that Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job as the once Ultimate Disney Villain, Maleficent. That just may be where the agreement ends for the hardcore Disney fan.

In this reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty story, Maleficent plays as both “hero and villain.” I know that might be hard to grasp, but those words are lifted directly from the movie. I consider myself a fan of most things the House of Mouse puts out. This story is no different. It is a hard one to judge. I think there is a distinct line drawn in the sand for people who will like this and people who will hate it. If you are older than I’d say forty-five, you will probably think they just tap danced all over your childhood. If you are younger than thirty, you will most likely enjoy this better than the original. I can say my daughter liked this better. As for us poor saps who fall in the middle, we luck out and can see benefits of both.

In my humble opinion (IMHO for all of you texters), I would say this movie is well worth full price of admission. Of course, I lucked out and was able to see it on bargain night.

-Critical C

The Quick Critic: These Birds May Have Gone Too Far…

As announced earlier today via IGN, Rovio has found their next property to make millions off of in Transformers:

Now, I don’t mean to be critical, but once you have taken on the Star Wars franchise and Birdified it, are you really accomplishing anything at all adding Transformers. The phenomenon that was Angry Birds has held on so much longer than most people expected it. However, to me the best stuff was the original content. Hollywood hasn’t been contented in killing just about every property from my childhood. I guess Rovio has decided to get in on the action as well. I guess just around the corner we can expect Angry Birds He-Man, Angry Birds G.I. Joe, Angry Birds Goonies. You name it and their will be a little, round, red bird attached to it. Color me unimpressed with this announcement.

-Critical C